Firm Culture

Be part of the team

Work with great people

Students often comment on the welcoming and positive feeling they sense in our Calgary office. The culture is energetic, friendly and open. Our approach to work is collaborative and team-centred. Many students tell us that our smaller size is a clear benefit, offering personal exposure to matters and partners that their peers at bigger offices may not have.

We are committed to the highest levels of professionalism while still being down to earth. We like to say that although we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Thanks to our collegial atmosphere, you’ll develop personal connections with lawyers who will welcome you into the fabric of the firm.

Get the real flavour of our collaborative work environment

A true sense of collegiality and comradery among colleagues is a tangible part of our culture. Our lawyers are genuinely enthusiastic about working together to achieve the best results. This culture of teamwork extends beyond practice groups or the office – Calgary lawyers and students regularly collaborate with colleagues from across the firm.

Enjoy a positive social environment

There is a noticeable air of excitement around social events in the Calgary office – we truly enjoy each other’s company. We keep the fabric of the firm strong and reinforce our sense of community through celebrations of our achievements, big and small, including a personalized Bar Call reception for each of our articling students. We host a wide variety of events throughout the year that appeal to a range of interests, including holiday celebrations, fundraisers and other charitable events, a variety of firm and client events in conjunction with the Calgary Stampede, firm dinners, and afternoon social events.

We plan a full calendar of social events for Calgary summer and articling students. From our student and associate pub nights to Friday morning basketball games, we think it’s important to give you the chance to bond with your fellow students and lawyers. After all, you could be working together for many years to come!

Feel free to be yourself – diversity is real here

Diversity and inclusion are very important to us and we show great respect for our people as individuals. We engage and encourage individual talents and interests throughout the firm, and have taken many concrete steps to support diversity in all of its forms.

We are immensely proud of our multi-year recognition as one of Canada’s Best Diversity Employers and our goal is to constantly refine and improve our efforts.

Committed to women’s success

Stikeman Elliott is committed to fostering the continued engagement of women at all levels of the firm. Our female colleagues play an integral role in our teams and are respected for their leadership and management skills, both within the firm and the profession. 

In Calgary, we have implemented a number of programs that support women in their pursuit of career goals while maintaining commitments to family and community. We also offer a full range of progressive maternity leave and return-to-work policies for women who are parents.

Leveraging technology to create flexibility in our professional lives

Everyone’s time is precious. We use the most up-to-date technology to help ensure that your time is well spent. Investments in software and other tools support more efficient research, collaboration and information delivery – allowing us to provide the best advice and service to clients.

We provide smart phones to all articling and summer students during their work terms so they can stay connected without being physically restricted to the office. Every articling student and associate also receives a one-time $1,000 technology grant. Use it to purchase the devices and tools that will be of the greatest use to you in your practice.

Knowledge Management is a key element of our vision

Stikeman Elliott has made significant strategic investments in a dedicated Knowledge Management (KM) team as well as KM systems. This group consolidates and disseminates the insights of individual lawyers and deal teams, and captures and develops leading-edge intellectual capital, making it accessible firm-wide. STELLA KM is our leading enterprise search platform. Stikeman Elliott lawyers and students use it to gain powerful access to our rich KM collection (precedents, legal research and CLE), closing books, internal experts and body of expertise by context as well as organized by practice group, legal topic and industry. This bilingual tool is so evolutionary, it was shortlisted for the 2016 Innovative Project of the Year by ILTA. These state of the art systems support efficient research, collaboration and information delivery while KM lawyers and our professional library team help lawyers and students make the most of the firm’s resources.